about PizzaByTheSlice

When Pizza first went up five or six … "several" years ago (think it was ’98) it was mainly as means for me to learn ColdFusion. I’d been doing systems development for some time, but had by that point begun to "specialize" in database design and project management, which afforded me little time to do any serious coding, which was too bad because for one, I enjoyed writing code, and for another I was fairly decent at it. I’d migrated from low level languages to some
of those nifty 4GLs of the early 90’s (Powerbuilder and SQL Windows/Centura), taking to them like a duck to rollerblading, errr, water that is.

Pizza By The Slice PosterAnyway, at my job there were a couple of web applications written in ColdFusion, of which I knew, I may now confess, nothing. So Pizza was born in response to my ignorance of how web apps worked. I built several systems on Pizza (restaurant guides, photo galleries, game boards, etc.), some would wind up being adapted to power the real sites I was employed to build. Not surprisingly, once Pizza became an extension of the workplace she began to loose her luster, and was neglected.

Recently I’ve done some clean-up. So the old gal is back. Except for a few client areas with restricted access Pizza is now a simple vanity site. She’s been cleaned-up and simplified, with an eye toward ease of adding a bit of fresh content, mainly photos, but also the odd musing
on site building and other such silliness.

Oh, glad you asked. For those in the back of the room the question was, "why, if I do so much with databases, why is Pizza lacking both
a database and employs no server technology such as ColdFusion? Glad you asked. In short, static sites kick butt. They’re dirt cheap for hosting, and
having no moving parts means nothing more complex than ftp is required to maintain them. Plus, changes are fast. K.I.S.S.

Part two of my answer is "the cobbler’s child has no shoes", that is, I do other people’s websites all day, so if my site, PBTS, is too much work it’ll get stale again. By keeping it simple I have time for other pursuits.

Courts Carter or Buz Carter or even Buzz, but not BuzzyWhoops,
"I" and "me" appear all over this page without ever actually giving a proper name. That would be Courts 1 Carter or Buz 2
Carter, depending upon how long you’ve known me.
At the moment3 home is "South Pasadena adj"4 where I mostly drink coffee and work on web stuff. (resume)

1 Courts or Quartz or Cortz? Let me level with you: though I thought I knew the answer to this one, it turns out nobody in my family really knows where the name Courts originated.
For most of my life I’d been told it was a bad translation of a Cherokee name (I’m something like 17/64ths Cherokee, or some such strange and genetically dubious number). This seemed believable, my grandfather was born on the Trail of Tears so this story went unchallenged.
Until he died. At the funeral some complete strangers revealed that, no, it isn’t a Cherokee name, but is instead the name of a Scottish missionary who was working with the Cherokee. At this point, I give up. It’s just a dumb name with no story attached.

2 The Origins of Buz My real name is Courts, but because my mom wanted to
use my middle name, Richard, whereas my dad insisted that they use Courts my folks referred to me as "the baby" until I was two. STFU. My grandma,
Gladys Moore, thought this absurd and, noticing that I buzzed when drinking my bottle, well, by six months she’d christened me Buzzy, which stuck. I go by either one, but Buzzy and Buzz went out in middle school, opting for the more worldly Buz.

3 Nomadic or Unlucky? I’ve lived in Kansas City (well, Merriam, the skanky part of the Shawnee Mission suburbs), Lawrence (while at the University of Kansas), Dallas, Los Angeles (including Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, Culver City, and West Hollywood), San Diego, San Francisco, Newport Beach
and probably a few other places. My record is two hours in one place. It’s true. Moved into an apartment at 4PM and by 6PM the place had burned down. Met my would’ve-been-neighbors on the lawn watching firemen hatchet through my front door.

4 What is this adj — it’s an LA convention used by people that live next to someplace they can’t afford but wish they could, and they want to make certain other people know how close they are
to achieving this small personal dream of moving across the street. My adj is because this place straddles Highland Park and South Pasadena, midway between two Gold Line Stations. Really no pretensions of being in either place, you choose.

 Disclaimer This page’s extra load of "me-stuff" is for the benefit of certain search engines and isn’t really quite the ego-stroke it at first appears. But I am HUGE!!.