Courts (Buz) Carter Photos

Buz Pics

Picks of me in chronological order with about a twenty or thirty year gap. Quite a long alias list “Buz Carter” aka Buzzy Carter and even the oh-so-serious sounding “Courts Carter”.

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  • affectionately refered to as 'the rolypoly picture'
  • honestly wish this clip-on tie was still around
  • the spittin' image of Opie
  • had the mumps or measels or something
  • 40th Birthday
  • somewhere in Paris, near Rabbit Cafe
  • Sunday morning in front of the computer (photo by Ludlow)
  • saying something along the lines of 'you gotta step back and let the zoom get you up close'. Jeeze, when did my face get that round? Wait, just looked at my first baby picture. It was the intervening 39 years that were the outliers. (photo by Ludlow)
  • From bed-head we go to this: wet, mop-o-hair, aka pasta-head or sea-grass wig.
  • Sitting in front of Totoro, or possibly Moota.
  • Pre-Haircut
  • Bad Cut or Toupée
  • At Beverly Hills City Hall
  • At Santa Barbara Zoo