Christmas Holiday Kick-off Slideshow, Skating Extravaganza!

Charles Phoenix’s Moonlight Rollerway Holiday Jubilee!

Funtastic evening over at Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink — retro-holiday slideshow, ice cream (eaten from cups with wooden, flat spoons), then dozens of kids (& adults) put on a heckuva salute to all the year’s holidays (think “Holiday Inn” with Charles as Bing Crosby), finally it was “all skate” time!

The lights! The costumes! The pageantry! The rental skates! Those lights! Like a Crayola “basic dozen colors” box melted under black lights casting rapid fire shadows of every color across the glossy boards.

Amazingly those kids went through a dozen costume changes — from cows ‘n cowboys, to zombies (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” brought down the house), appropriately red, white, & blue May pole outfist… to boxes of frozen vegetables in celebration of those (hopefully bygone) Thanksgivings of my very ’70’s youth.

Pleased overall with this batch of photos, with all but Ludlow’s portrait being sans flash. Standouts would have to be the “tracking shots”. Threw the camera into “Time Value” Priority mode (marked “Tv” priority for you Canon kids), slowed the shutter way down, to 1/25 of a second, f8 (typical street photography aperature, nice ‘n deep). The zoom lens was backed out to wide-ish 24mm. (the Canon 5d is full frame, so no digital pseudo-zoom, it was a “true” 24mm focal length). Then it was a matter of focusing and trying to pan with subjects as they skated past. It was a bit like trying to get a nice ice cream curl … all in the wrist.

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