Just one more Valentine's Day Card?

“You’re out-sourced, too…” Valentines Day Card

Just noticed I’d not finished this one, originally intended as part of this year’s “Valentine’s Day Card Extravaganza” now, a wee-bit late we’ll just sneak it in.

out-sourced card

I’m so Pleased

To work with you

That it’s a shame

You’re out-sourced, too!

Pulled “Valentine” from the copy in silly effort to make this a bit more general purpose.

True Story Time:

Back in the day, we’re talking 2000, when z.com was in serious trouble (“serious” serious trouble, that short-lived sliver between “we’ve got this idea for streaming videos online” and “whoa, it’s utterly hopeless”) having failed to secure our third or fourth round of funding we had a round of layoffs insted, wherein Ricardo, a good designer and a fine kid, got the axe.

Then, we got that next round of funding afterall!

We quickly “unlayed-off” Ricardo.

About 5 weeks later we layed him off again.

Can’t recall whether we started doing this routinely, to balance the books, or whether it was just funny to see him progressively pack faster and unpack less, but so it went.

Finally, of course, it was over-over. But to this day whenever I see a company barely miss a quarterly projection “adios, Ricardo” springs to mind, and I wonder who just had their life flipped.

out-sourced color card

Out-sourced… in color

Quickly sketched and inked, I knew a muted, monochromatic palette was in order, however, I was (predictably) unsure how to go about it, so did a color-wash (Nagel Series #39 wet brushes), then pulled the color back with a couple of adjustment layers.

If you prefer inappropriately rosy palette, here’s that version.

Played with even worse copy than you see here; mainly of the “Roses are red…” variety.

Stumbled from “Roses are Red, Our profits are, too…” then into “We’re in the Red, The outlook is Black, So here’s sad news, You’d best go pack”.

Yeah, sucks.

The final copy has the virtual of being conspicuously awful.

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