Out with the old...

Doing a Site Revamp

Step one of a long-overdue overhaul whose ultimate aim is converting site to WordPress (finally), but already in a kerfuffle with this “design”. Tossing Vectips, FFFFound!, OnceMade, and Smashing Magazine (along with a sliced banana and a tablespoon of Nutella) into a blender makes a delicious website smoothie, but the line between “inspiration” and clear, shameless rip-off having been crossed (accidental and unwitting, I assure you) now necessitates a re-redesign before launch! Argh!

The make-over should be done within next two weeks at the end of which I’ll have a clean site, without such blatant “borrowing”.

Hope you enjoy the new logo/mascot, toned down from a few preliminary overly kawaii options (the former stern ‘slice spokesmodel moved on, currently shaking ‘n flipping a sign outside an Alhambra cellphone store. he’s happier there, actually). I’m recycling some unused assets — ideas that never went live.