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Download Blank Storyboard Templates

Here’s a gallery of storyboard templates, straight TV/DV and Widescreen aspect ratios. Variants include camera and title safe marks, plus camera and scene staging areas, should you be of the particularly exact type or animating.

Go to the Screenplay & Storyboard Templates, in addition to an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of these storyboard templates there’s a Microsoft Word script template you may download (free, gratis, of course) and helpful links to more scripts

download blank story boards (Adobe Acrobat: blank_storyboards.pdf) (81 KB)

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  • DV is 720 x 486 or 480
    DV 6 per page
  • DV 2 per page
  • DV 2 per page with Camera Staging Area
  • the title-safe lines are useful for planning special effects shots
    DV 2 per page with Camera Area and Title Safe
  • DV 4 per page, landscape
  • 1280 x 720 pixels
    HD 2 per page with Camera Staging