List of Essential Firefox Plug-ins (Add-ons)

Firefox kicks Internet Explorer around the block, up the stairs, and off the roof. Why?

Sure, Microsoft’s ineptness is legendary, but I dumped IE for one main reason: plug-ins (extensions, add-ons, name has changed a few times). The killer-app of plug-ins, the singulary sufficient reason to install Firefox would have to be WebDevleoper (about 280% better than the similarly named, but featurely-challenged IE Web Developer)

Below are my standard fresh-Firefox-install plugins. Note some overlap functionalities, for example WebDeveloper has equivalents for ViewSourceWith and MeasureIt — however, those include nifty buttons for your toolbar and that’s worth the intsall right there and WebDeveloper’s are somewhat buried. (yeah, that IS lazy of me)

Like I said, together this represents “can’t live without” them level of devotion.

Firebug is much like Fiddler but simplier