Flying Spaghetti Monster Appears in Coffee Froth

I had just walked out of Our Blessed FSM‘s Church of the Olive Garden, where we’d enjoyed many tasty servings of His sacraments, including all the breadsticks and salad He so amply provided, when the Spirit, still with us, moved us to stop in at Starbucks for a cup to go — which I brought home to enjoy while reading Modern Pirate Digest online. Imagine my surprise then, when I saw…

Blessed likenss in coffee foam

FSM Ministries pamphlet cover

yes, His visage!

His very likeness in my beverage!

Though my initial thought was “put it on eBay, so that others (or, at least, the highest bidder) might likewise know his beneficence and enjoy walking closer to
Him”, sadly, the flesh is weak, I was sleepy, and in a moment succumbed, drinking His blessed Image.

(See images below.)

If your languid life lacks the carbo-loaded indifference of FSM’s noodly touch, then perhaps the FSM Ministries tract that changed my life will change yours, too. View cover

And for the young ones, here’s a lovable Flying Spaghetti Monster, manga-edition. Stop blaspheming with Pokemon, microwave your Jars of Clay crap, and hop onto the salvation train. large image.

May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage, too!

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Miracle Photos

Flying Spaghetti Monster in Coffee Foam

Full-size picture of this miracle here

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Flying Spaghetti Monster in Coffee Foam Close-up

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Flying Spaghetti Monster Manga Edition

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NOTE: There are those that accuse me of shenanigans, tampering with my espresso machine to get the crema (tan-colored foam on the top of well-shot espresso) to form his likeness. Hah! I never.
I’ll pray for you.

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