French Bulldog Papercraft Bobblehead

Demon, French bulldog papercraft

This little paper craft Frenchy is inspired by Demon, a character in my pal Ben Tripp’s latest novel, The Accidental Highwayman (Demon is modeled on Ben’s own nap-prone French bulldog, Roscoe).

While Ben and I were whipping up his book’s website, we, as is our want, were frequently sidetracked by the endless possibilities for fun DIY tie-ons (the origins of my zombie half mask are rooted in similar  bull sessions, back when he was writing his Rise Again zombie novels). Ben quickly knocked out this charming bookplate and I got cracking on how to make this cube-headed fella bobble (turns out that a piece of thread resting on a simple notched yoke performs the  trick ably). You should also take a peek at Ben’s DIY paper mache troll costume, visible for about 3 seconds in one of his author videos.

Download the PDF here to build your own:

Papercraft French Bulldog, assembled

If you prefer, right-click to save a hi-res PNG version of this papercraft template:

Demon, the French bulldog papercraft template