Fresh Photos – 2008

A running collection of unsorted pictures from about 2004-2008. No themes, whatever I felt like shooting: street, nature, friends, events.

Note: We're cleaning up the Photo Galleries; please excuse the messy layout it'll be better soon. - Mgmt.

  • At the Miami Zoo
  • Meerkat
  • Meerkat
  • Monkey
  • Monkeys Ululating
  • An old find, dating from 1999, a Nikon 990 remenant. Rediscovered this while looking for some other shots and thought it was some what interesting, so here ya go.
    Mammoth at La Brea Tar Pits
  • Ludlow snapped this one of me while we were over at Zelo Pizza (should post something about this place, quite good). He just picked up the Canon Rebel. Damn nice camera.
    Zelo Pizza
  • Tiger on the front porch at dusk. Posted a bunch more, along with some of Harry, on Flickr
    Porch Dog
  • Another (mild) obsession: the artichoke thistle (Cynara cardunculus) growing on the hillside. Non-native, voracious, prolific -- but real purty. Imagine sea urchins (aka 'smash-ems') atop your typical garden armored okra stalk, with needles and knife edges mixed in. more artichoke thistle
    artichoke thistle
  • Ludlow in Garfield Park doing some comput'n
    Garfield Park
  • Ludlow, with Moota, in Garfield Park, apparently dodging the parrots
    Garfield Park
  • That's Haru in the bag, by the way.
    Garfield Park
  • Walking downtown (after tasty Fast Taco, yum) and passed this cool reflection / superimposed tableau in a Beauty Shop window near the Golden Gopher and Uncle John's (mmmmm, spicy pork chops). The faded posters, dated eye makeup, and flaked painted windows, that might have been enough, but the overloaded outlets? 'dis right.
    Beauty Shop
  • Ludlow setting up software on the new kid, Haru
    Meet Haru
  • ...but first, NO AOL!!! Seriously -- it is such a pain uninstalling this virus known as America Online. Even after uninstalling it shows under the Add/Remove Programs. Who? Why? Isn't a computer the property of the purchaser, not the asshole OEM marketing folks? Bad move, Gateway. Otherwise, love Haru.
    No AOL
  • /photos/nature.htm?file=IMG_3398.jpg

    Jacarandas are in bloom
  • On a stack of Cooks Illustrateds I swear this is a real, un-retouched photo. Cool, huh?
  • I'm flat -- I'm soooo flat. Flat, flat, flat. You can't see flat, right?
  • Santa Anita Racetrack
  • Jockey
    Santa Anita Racetrack
  • Santa Anita Racetrack
  • Santa Anita Racetrack
  • Another stellar t-shirt
  • I win! Dorkiest ABBA-esque pose! I'm the one on the right? I blame Rene for this one as it's because of him that we've been looking at all these dreadful wedding photography books.
  • El Pueblo De Nuestra Senora La Reina De Los Angeles, 1781. I read once that 'LA' is the shortest abbreviation of any city name on the planet, filling-in as it were for this long-ass name that also happens to open the seventh gate of hell or Torrance, I dunno which.
    Los Angeles
  • Echo Park
  • Man eaten by inflatibles.
    Echo Park
  • Ludders over the 110 at Elysian Park
  • This squirrel is a survivor -- note the tuft of fur missing on his gut. Arrrgh!
  • The rains always wrecks havoc on the great dirt pile known as LA. Here's a plastic tarp (looks like 3mil poly to me) blowing in a pre-rain wind
  • Chinatown, outside MunkyKing
  • Tuppakaka -- the easiest, fastest Swedish cake
  • Brand Library in Glendale
  • Outside Mud Puppy one sleepy afternoon
  • Favorite tree at South Pasadena Library
  • Took this downtown San Francisco
  • Ludders snapped this one of me while I was shooting Rene & Feona.
  • Another view from Chinatown looking west along Broadway
  • Going for a Yousef Karsh look here.
  • the field across the street (those steep hillsides) are the feeding grounds to some camera-shy hawks. Turns out this guy had been sitting on a branch above my head -- took off when the shutter clicked.
  • lil sleepy lizzard
  • ooooooh! next to street people, folks waiting for buses, and rusty posts with obscure stickers, empty spaces are sooooo cool. Sorry, no more sarcasm.
    Cafe Chairs
  • Moon, Monday, Feb 1, 2005. Disclosure: all of the other images in this gallery are about 20% of original size, this photo has been cropped. This is 50%.
  • Moon, 300mm lens on monopod, Friday, Jan 28, 2005
  • /photos/places.htm?file=disney_concert_hall_2450.jpg

    Walt Disney Concert Hall, downtown L.A.
    Disney Hall
  • Los Angeles City Hall as seen from the outside stairs of Disney Hall. Handheld with 300mm lens -- image stabilization worth every penny!
    LA City Hall
  • 'Support Live Music' at South Pasadena Farmer's Market
  • backlit, semitranslucent -- ahh
  • George and Ludlow at Eatwell, Glendale
  • /photos/ludders.htm

    portrait of a self-portrait II
    Self Ludlow
  • /photos/buz.htm

    far too close to an Action News Team shot
  • Escalators at Redline Wilshire Station
  • Dragons over Broadway, Chinatown, LA City Hall in background
  • Dragons over Chinatown entrance on Broadway, LA City Hall in background, another center of the street shot
  • Chinatown Dragons with LA City Hall in background-- I took this standing in the middle of the crosswalk on Broadway
  • Union Station, downtown Los Angeles, shot out the car window waiting on the light
  • Traffic along L.A.'s 10 freeway through downtown
  • L.A. River awakens in rare bank-filling ebullience
  • check-out the detail: after torrential rains this dirt pile has erroded, leaving pebbles on perfectly contoured clay pedestals
  • gotta love where they've locked this: steal this bike and you'll answer to the Teamsters!
  • been trying to get a close-up of the South Pasadena parrots for ages, shows-off the image stabilization on the 300mm lens
  • /photos/tom_michelle.htm

    Tom and Michelle's birthday at Hotel Figueroa
  • Looks like Windows XP startup screen. It's the hill across from Ludlow's.
  • A few days later -- fog rolls in
  • over at Mud Puppy
  • the agonizing choice, color or black & white?
  • ahhh, where were you at midnight on New Year's Eve? me? here. Union Station downtown LA
  • Waiting at Europane