Gladys Brown’s Birthday Bash

As usual when hanging out with the older folks I went home exhausted and crashed for 8 hours whereas Gladys, at 85, went to bed at midnight and got up at 3:30 to make coffee for everyone else. Rest now while you’re young, apparently our grandparents never sleep. Here are the pics from Ludlow’s grandma’s nearly seven hour dance-eat-dance party. Enjoy.

Update: visit the Pizza By The Slice store on LuluAs part of our on-going on-demand printing services research (obsession) we’ve put together a 60-page, 6×9″ photobook of the party on Download the ebook/preview version for free or buy a hardcopy for under $14 bucks — this, we suspect, is only of interest to those related to Ms.Brown, but ya never know. Our proof copy hasn’t arrived yet — we promise to post impressions and full evaluation of lulu’s printing as soon as it arrives and we’ve spent quality time with it in the restroom.

Update (March 22): So the book arrived and was an instantaneous, big hit with everyone, BUT if you think this is going to be museum-catalog quality or appropriate for printing your coffee-table photo-retrospective book (which I was secretly hoping would be the case), well, you’re in for disappointment. This is a fine product. The quality is as acceptable as the generic non-art magazine might be; the colors a bit dull and dark. This all sounds terrible, and for your purposes it might be. However, since other sites charge $1.99 per page, versus Lulu’s 20¢, well, that puts it in perspective: if price is a bigger concern and you’re cool with T.V. Guide quality print, then do this. Like I said, it made a big splash with Ludlow’s grandma’s friends, and with me, too.