Renaming Roses: And the Coffee's still great - Cycleway domain change

“Hard to ‘Espresso'” Cycleway Cafe’s Valentine’s Day Card

Rabbit n Coffee Cups Valentines Day Card
There’s a long, frustrating story to be told, but not here, not now. Hey, look! The bright side beckons! So make this bit of groan-worthy cheeze your new, happy iPhone wallpaper or use this larger version: save it, print it, clip it, what-have-ya-it (hi, DaftPunk!), but whatever ya do, please note that it’s now Argh. Not “…” but “”. For now. And probably tomorrow. (Find my happy place, find my happy place…). Thanks!

OK, if you have a better new domain name for Cycleway, please let me know. Is “.net” good? Argh? They also own

One more time: moved from dot-com to!?? Not “.com” (*sigh*)  It’s

I’ll go cry now.

Valentine’s Card Text: “It’s hard to ‘espresso’ my feelings for you, Valentine!!”