Chinese Acrobats at Grand Performances (downtown Los Angeles)

Henan Province Shaolin Monks & Acrobats

Grand Performances, downtown Los Angeles. Combining Kung Fu, music, and those bendy-straw moves that just make you squirm. Thurday July 28, downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Performances. And Mayor Antonio R Villaraigosa put in an appearance.

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  • Spinning Pillows
  • Villaraigosa Arrives
  • Villaraigosa
  • This kid was pretty cool. balancing on that plank, that's atop a drum, that's freely rolling on a small table four feet up he positions some bowls at the far edge of the board and...
  • ...he makes a flicking motion, the bowls are in the air, and land...
  • ... neatly stacked on his head. He even added a cup and spoon. Cool.
  • I don't have a money shot for this one, but in just a few seconds this monk will be doing a hand stand -- on those two fingers. Full weight. Unfortunately his spotter was between the lens and him, so no shot.
  • Spears
  • Villaraigosa Posing
  • Villaraigosa and the Troup