Pardon me, but your cute is in my coffee

Kawaii Percolator & Coffee Cup Valentine’s Day Card (& iPhone Wallpaper)

Coffee Percolator and Cup Valentines Day Card
Love going to the markets in J-town (aka “Little Tokyo”). Really do. First, the area affords beautiful views of LA City Hall, its streets remaining largely faithful to their 1920’s construction (small plaques note each shop’s lineage — hardware store to meeting hall to, most likely, restaurant). But mostly it’s shopping in markets where a sponge, or bag of crisp lime-n-chili squid chips, or the lowly plunger all get the kawaii treatment. Couple dots for eyes and subtly cheerful “U” mouth smiling, friendiliciosly assuring you of the shared happiness that’ll be yours, just for having made this small purchase. Too great. Here’s my take for Valentine’s Day. Choose to perk up (poor pun) your iPhone (wallpaper) or print-out this larger version. Might turn some of these cards into coloring pages for, stay tuned.

Oh. Do you have a suggestion for the card’s text? It’s never too late, and oh so easy to do better. I’d considered the simpler “you perk me up!”. Might make an alternate card for that. Or for yours.

Valentine’s Card Text: “I’m brewing a whole pot’a love for you, Valentine!!”