Restored Neon, Swing Band, & Classic Cars!

Los Angeles’ Chinatown’s 70th Anniversary Celebration

Ludlow and I met up with Emil, Phil, Reid, & Ming to wander about enjoying a terrific swing band and a tremendous restoration of Chinatown’s neon signage — tacky is back, and it’s beautiful.

Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five ( played from 7-11, with the dance floor filled the entire time.

12 Photos. My Flickr set has high-res versions.

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  • Classic Cars, Emily & Phil
  • Emily & gangsters, tommy guns & gats
  • Ludlow, Emily & Phil with Firetruck (bandwagon)
  • Firetruck (bandwagon)
  • Phil & Ludlow view postcards
  • Phil & Emily, balcony above big band
  • Ludlow, Emily & Phil with postcards
  • Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five (swing band)
  • Found a bit of history on this statue:

    the statue in Central Plaza honors Dr. Sun Yat-sen, a Chinese revolutionary leader considered the "founder of modern China." This unique monument was erected in the 1960s by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association one of several such organizations headquartered in Central Plaza.

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen statue, swing dancers, neon!
  • Fresh Neon
  • Buddah Statue meets neon
  • Fong's classic neon sign
  • Reid dons my hat, looks stupid
  • Reid
  • Ming
  • Reid, Ming, & Ludlow, Bamboo Alley