A brief glimpse of brutish life in K-town

Of House Sitting & “V for Vendetta”

Two bits of information you’ll need in order to make sense of these photos: 1) Reid is amazingly cheap, 2) his cat, Lynx, is fiercesome. All else is digression.

So housesitting for Lynx is a balance of how much blood one has to loose in one-toothed, twenty-clawed attacks, and how many times one can watch the only DVD Reid owns (purchased used, mind you), “V for Vendetta”. Fortunately — for him at least — I’ve a high tolerance for both. Here’s a brief photo essay of the glamor that is his luxuriant K-town bachelor pad and what spending 132 minutes, once daily for a week, causes one to do.

An iota of restraint, true progress to my thinking, in that this time I refrained from framing my DVD protest in childish pranks, such as on my last stint of Lynx-sitting when Reid’s undergarments were mysteriously relocated to his bachelor’s fridge –freezer actually (plenty of room given the only other contents were Hot Pockets and three pair Chinese take-out chop sticks — told you he was cheap).

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  • V searches for snacks
  • V enjoys a loofa
  • V and Lynx share a moment
  • V replaces a roll