phpList PBTS_Xtra: Multiple-Content Area Plugin Screenshots

Here are the tools included for managing Templates with custom placeholders. These tools are available after you’ve properly installed pbts_xtra. To get to these pages click the pbts_xtra link located in the right-sidebar of the admin menu. Then click Template Tools, then choose a Template to begin editng.

Note: you must create your template using the standard phpList Template editor BEFORE you’ll be able to use these tools.

return to pbts_xtra documentation.

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  • Edit your Template Body HTML and Template Title.
  • This is an information-only page that displays your Template's HTML with all of the pbts tags (placeholders) highlighted, including the conditional tags.
    Highlight Tags
  • Inormational Only: This shows you what the Message editor will look like based on the attributes you've set in the pbts_xtra tags.
    Preview Form
  • Choose your custom PBTS tags, one at a time, and this editor will show you all of the available options. Don't forget to hit save when done.
    Edit Tags
  • Informational Only: shows two tables: the top one shows all of your tags and the various options. The lower table shows any conditional regions (pbts_if tags) that you've included in the Template, and what the condition is.
    View Tags