phpList’s Available Placeholders

I’ve been pouring over phpList code lately and just for my own sanity need to start tracking what these tags are, where they may be available, and what they mean — I’m going nutters.

When this is complete I’ll try to get it added to the phpList wiki.

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placeholder allowed in description
CONTENT Email/Template This is where each Message’s Content (body) will be placed. Every Template MUST have a [CONTENT], and note: that placeholder is case-sensitive. You’ll get an error if you try to save a template with “[content]”.
DOMAIN Email/Template the text you type for your domain
FOOTER Email/Template
LISTOWNER Email/Template
LISTS Email/Template
PREFERENCES Email/Template
PREFERENCESURL Email/Template the location of the page where users can update their details
SIGNATURE Email/Template
SUBSCRIBEURL Email/Template the location of the subscribe page
UNSUBSCRIBEURL Email/Template the location of the unsubscribe page
USERID Email/Template
USERTRACK Email/Template
WEBSITE Email/Template the address you type for your website