Pizza Outage

Whoops! So where the hell has Pizza been?

Shockingly, a few people did notice our absence, and to you, the Faithful, the bored, and let’s face it, the disappointingly easily entertained, well, thanks for the concern and here’s our lame-o explanation:

Remember that power outage? Here in LA? Back in, shoot, was it September? Hmm, that was a while ago. Well, Pizza’s web server, located in a secret and secure downtown LA facility, just got nuked, really badly, worse than that even — and despite how decent and amiable those guys over at — the hosting company– are it would appear that they got caught with their collective trousers about shin-height. And the short version is that we’ve just now gotten our account semi-straightened out with them.

In the meantime of course, I’ve had a short bout o’ the flu, had a gazillion flights cancelled due to the hurricane whose name I don’t even know (was there a ‘Hurricane Boredom’?), and only returned from Miami last night.

Speaking of… it was whilst idling away my copious down-time in south Florida (power, even now, is not fully restored) that I re-worked Pizza, finally making her table-less. It is here that the geek reader will either say "about friggin time" or "cool" or "why?". "Why" tracks closer to my own reaction, though "who would care" is a close second. The why stems from the degree to which so many open-source Content Management Systems I’ve been playing around with just love CSS (they love it they love it they love it, they really do), thus forcing my hand on a few other sites I’ve been attending. So, Pizza, usually my guinea pig for such excercises, was actually the lagger. Anyway, some cleanup was probably overdue.

As far as CMS solutions, well, still playing around, with various levels of success, with integrating WordPress, phpList, iSearch, and SMF. Have dabbled with some other CMSes such as CMS Made Simple and TextPattern, but so far am sticking with the known and easily skinned WordPress engine for a back-end. I’ll definitely write-up some of the experiences endured while evaluating and using these open source systems, with the hope of sparing just one of you some of the crushing pain I enjoyed while doing this.

As for other bits I’ll be documenting one shall be how much I’m in love with this 80GB USB2 drive that Ludlow picked up. Working on three machines currently and this drive, plus a nifty utility called CopyTo Synchronizer that makes the jump between machines truly painless.

On the other side of the happiness ledger: for some reason Moota, this laptop, well, Moota’s keyboard’s control-key is acting very "funny" as in Control-Shift-Alt-S, that nifty Photoshop key-combo, well, it doesn’t work. Nor Control+U in Dreamweaver. Another timehole.

OK, I need to get this posted (this is actually just a test page) to be revised later.