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Rabbit Barista Valentine’s Day Card

Rabbit n Coffee Cups Valentines Day Card
When Roy Doty, discussing his fantastic personal Christmas cards, mentioned that he begins roughing out ideas and sketches in early Fall to beat his mid-December mailing deadline, well, I knew I was in trouble, really deep trouble. Adjusting for the ginormous talent gap between he and I this works out, approximately, to my needing to have started this year’s batch of Valentine’s Day cards some time between “Star Wars” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” releases. Well, definitely by “Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”.

Despite this crushingly late start here’s my first foray: a coffee-themed Valentine’s card (doubling as a bit of rah-rah for Cycleway Coffee).

(iPhone Valentine’s Wallpaper (shown above) or save this larger printable card version.)

You’re better than a dozen
half-caf mocha chai macchiatos,
light on the cream, extra whip, to-go!

Yes, the copy intentionally references “LA Story“. I believe the movie’s restaurant table dialog something like:

I’ll have a de-caf coffee.
– De-caf espresso.
– Cappuccino.
Do you have de-caf coffee ice cream?
– I’ll have a de-caf double half caf.
I’ll have a twist of lemon.
– Me, too.
– Me, too.
– Me, too.

As I’m more and more in the minority by drinking black coffee (Americano, “cup of Joe”, “go-go juice”, etc) it’s revealing my imagination’s failure when I confess bewilderment at folks who want an iced anything first thing in the morning. Midday? Well, ok perhaps, but to knock back a chocolate croissant with a double-mocha coffee-shake — with whip, no less — well, ya might as well have a Cocoa Puffs encrusted Nutella ‘n caramel apple. Wait, that sounds good. In fact, now that you mention it the Fairfax Farmers’ Market candy shop does a dandy caramel Granny Smith rolled in mini-Reeses Pieces that I can highly recommended. Just not for breakfast.

Perhaps I’m just mildly irked that I need to wait so long for a simple pour of drip coffee as the five folks ahead on line give minute details about how they want their freedom coffee prepared and packaged.

Anyway, this card’s genesis is a kid who’d bussed our lunch table at Breadbar earlier; he could have been a Chinese acrobat. And I’d wondered at the time how he could balance all those plates and coffee cups. And could a rabbit do it just as well. Thus this sketch.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo I’d taken at Grand Performance appearance by Henan Province Shaolin Monks & Acrobats. More monk pics.