Mostest Festive House of All South Pasadena

Real Holiday Inn

This is lame, but there have been times when I’ve wanted to hang a “Good Neighbor” note on someone’s front door. Sometimes it’s just simple or conscientious landscaping, or a great concrete deer collection (big bonus points for an upside-down ceramic squirrel on the siding), and other times it’s for getting into the spirit of a thing. We’re not talking Martha Stewart fussiness, but fun-itude. With this in mind: there’s a house, just around the corner from the library and train station, that puts on an incredible show. It’s on our list of “musts” for Christmas and Halloween. Here’s a couple pictures.

This year they’ve topped their own Christmas lights record, surpassing the 60,000 mark. The yard and roof, ever few inches, are lined with bulbs.

The lights spill around the sides of the house.

Halloween you’ll find ghouls, fake loose boards hanging precariously, boarded-up windows — everything that puts neighbor into neighborhood.