The Mission, Buena Vista, Crissy Fields and such

San Francisco/Halloween 2004

Some shots from wandering around the Mission (best falafel), Crissy Fields, Noe Valley, and Castro

These from my old Nikon 990.

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  • We dubbed this "cat with a death wish" -- he'd rub his back against that board, yeah, the one supporting 90 pounds of books. He'd rub, it'd slip. Just a smidgen. He'd rub, a hair more slippage. Then, aggravatingly, he'd doze off. Leaving us hanging -- though I'm sure this ended badly.
    Sleepy Cat
  • Time for falafel deluxe at Truly Med in the Mission.
    Ludlow & Mark
  • These size houses -- the most photographed in San Fancisco -- abut Alamo Square, at Hayes & Steiner.
  • Taking a breather atop the rocky peak of Buena Vista, looking towards downtown
    Buena Vista
  • University of San Francisco's dome @Fulton and Parker looms over Ludlow's shoulder, view from steps at Buena Vista park --Buena Vista Avenue & Frederick.
  • That's SF City Hall whispering in Ludlow's ear.
  • Cannot resist rust and neon.
    Roxy Theatre
  • Golden Gate Bridge as seen from beach between the fort and Crissy Field
    Golden Gate Bridge
  • Dusk in the shade below Presidio, Golde Gate Bridge and the headlands turning purplish in the background, Ludlow freezing in the fore.
  • Yay, says he. We're heading back to warmth.
  • Acatraz Island on the bay at sunset. The Oakland Hills and sky catch full sunset light while the bay is blue in the shadows.
  • Yeah. I'm one of those annoying people who fancy themeselves amatuer Goldsworthy's.
  • Heading back -- sunset over the Pacific from the Presido heading toward China Beach.
  • June in the morning.
  • Power lines!!!
  • More Roxy and too many pidgeons.
  • This one will come back to haunt a certain someone. This is what happens when too much liquor is consumed in lieu of making a proper costume. They gave up shortly after tossing -- are those drapes? -- on.
  • Castro Cheesery.
  • Wating outside Jumping Java early one morn.
  • Haight Drummer
  • Mitchell's Ice Cream, around 30th & Church, is the city's best ice cream parlor -- order Mexican chocolate with its hint of cinnamon.
    >Mitchell's Ice Cream
  • Olive oil store in Noe Valley.
  • Just a scary plant.