A Journey Through Personality & The Psychology of Obsession

“The Id and the Ukulele” Mock Textbook


Recently I’ve been attempting the paperless switch, moving all of my ukulele songs onto the iPad. But, alas, that iBook bookshelf was fairly dull, far too many text-only PDFs — what was needed was variety, better still some classic book covers.  Recalling the fun Ben and I had last year doing alternate dust covers for his novel “Rise Again” (“Advanced Zombology, 2nd Edition” was my contribution) I decided to go for a retro-60’s textbook look.

The title, “The Id and the Ukulele: A Journey Through Personality and the Psychology of Obsession”, was picked wholly for how neatly it lays out, particularly the way “the ID & the U” pop. It even applies, a bit — the id being “the unorganized part of the personality structure which contains the basic drives”. Unorganized drive? Ukulele!

Hat tip to Andy Mangold for sharing his hi-res book photos which I appropriated to texture my straw skimmer wearing uke-man character and title text (whipped up in Illustrator, composited in Photoshop).

Original sketch: