Another Deciding Moment

Vote No on Prop 8

What kind of place are we building (or is it that tearing down is just too danged fun)? Dunno. But this is an easy one, Californians: (Another) chance to stand up against homophobic paranoia: Watch commercials on YouTube

And kudos to the likes of Brad Pitt and Apple both of whom kicked in $100,000 (that’s apiece) to defeat this measure. From Apple’s site (October 24, 2008):

No on Prop 8

Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees’ same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person’s fundamental rights — including the right to marry — should not be affected by their sexual orientation. Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8.


So it passed. We kinda knew it would. Funny, but apparently Californians like caged-chickens more than gays — there’s a lesson in there someplace. Well, rather than focusing on those who stood for continuing prejudice (hey, thanks Latter Day Saints — grrrrr) consider this:

We know who our friends are.

Do you?

We saw them with yard signs (always Obama and No on 8, NEVER, not once, not ever one McPalin and No… hmmmm). We saw them standing on street corners. We got emails. We, in short, learned that some folks stood with us and vocally put themselves out there.

Google, Apple, Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt — these celeberties and thousands of everyday, common folks spoke out publicly, often statements that cost them money (well, obviously as their monetary donations were sizeable).

Anyway, a big thanks to people that made an effort, who were outraged on our behalf, who confronted ignorance. (added bonus: I now have a county-by-county map of places I’ll never live — shoot, Los Angeles County went YES. Let’s talk.).

Oh, I am happy for the chickens though.