Summertime Is Outdoor Uking Time... With A Ukesicle?

A Chocolate Ukulele Ice Cream Treat… with Nuts!

Chocolate Ukulele Ice Cream Treat with Nuts

Don’t know ’bout you, but I’ve never cottoned to the phrase “ice cream novelties”. Perhaps I’m a purist, but ice cream trucks circling my childhood neighborhood only carried varieties my grandparents’ generation would have recognized, truly nothing novel: your classic ice cream sandwich, bomb pops (two varieties — your patriotic, if not appropriately syrupy, red, white, and blue one and the banana, commie one), the “-sicle” family — popsicles, fudgesicles, and creamsicles (to my knowledge no one has ever eaten one of these, but it’s a surprisingly pleasant soda flavor), and those ice creams with nut encrusted brittle chocolate shells. No push-up pops, no choco-tacos, no Dora nor Ninja Turtles.

Well, summer has arrived and my pal Terry turns 70 in just a few weeks. The high points of my summers are the cool evenings spent with Terry and his wife, Sandy, picnicking on the Huntington Library grounds drinking beer, eating BBQ, and, yes, enjoying ice cream (Fosselman’s usually) and outings to Terry’s back porch where a dozen or so great folks convene to sing and play ukulele.

In honor of his bday I thought I’d try combining these — behold, the chocolate-nut ukulele ice cream treat!

Terry, sorry that I won’t actually be making you these, however, please accept this doodled one instead (a “ukesicle”?) — and thanks so much to you and Sandy for all the fun!

Here’s hoping y’all have a wonderful summer in store, too! Cheers!

(sketched on iPad, Brushes 1.0 app)