New, FREE Kids' Coloring Book Page

FREE Printable Kid’s Coloring Book Pages

Here’s a roundup post: 14 coloring book pages, themes ranging from the Flying Spaghetti Monster to Santa Claus, Hallowe’en gets a good respresent’n, so, too, do shameless plugs for pet/side projects.

I suppose some kids enjoy coloring, and sure, Crayola Crayons smelled fantastic, right up alongside purplish mimeographs (ahhhh, slightly cool and damp when fresh, ready for the surreptitious sniff!), but I rarely strayed from my true love — pencils, mechanical ones if possible.

Coloring BOOKS, however, now those were great, even (or especially) the ones printed on unbleached, rough newsprint. Great, that is, not for coloring, but for the art; these introduced me to line art — fantastic variations in width and stroke, for this I’m indebted (see a master at work, Patrick Owsley).

So here’s my recent efforts, for kids who do color or don’t. Also available in my Flickr Coloring Book Pages Set.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Coloring Pages

These are my first efforts, play on Chick pamphlets or VBS activity books.

For other sizes and file formats: Flying Spaghetti Monster Coloring and Activity Book.

Zanzabelle, Silver Lake

Octopus, ‘n Giraffe, ‘n Jack-o’-Lantern Coloring Pages

A fantastic shop filled with retro goodies, touch of kitsch, and good treats — some promos for Zanzabelle General Store

For other sizes and file formats: Zanzabelle Ice Cream and General Store.

Cycleway Coffee, Hermon (Los Angeles)

Halloween: Witches, Pumpkins, & Jack-o-Lanterns Coloring Pages

A worthy coffee house just down the hill here in Hermon, the forgotten LA (adjacent to Highland Park and South Pasadena), Cycleway Coffee.

For other sizes and file formats available at Cycleway Coffee’s “FREE Kids Stuff” pages.

Thingamababy – a dad’s eye-view of Baby & Toddler Stuff

Halloween: Mad Scientist Printable Coloring Page

AJ runs a great website – a rich resource for parents or any folks who find kids pretty darn amazing, yet baffling. He reviews products aimed at new parents and generally finds the lighter side of sharing your home with ‘lil persons.

Visit the thingamababy’s You-Print Halloween Coloring Pages for Acrobat PDF versions of these pages! I’m really pleased with “Thing in a Jar” activity/coloring page, as a concept if perhaps lacking in the execution. Its intent is to provide children a fun framework in which to draw their “thing” — animal, vegetable, mineral — inside a steampunk-tricked-out Leyden Jar!

A Classic Los Angeles Institution

“Bob Baker Marionettes” Christmas Coloring Page

If you have kids, or can borrow a couple for a morning, head over to this theater for classic, true retro showmanship. Oh, and you’ll get cake and ice cream, too.

Visit Bob Baker Marionettes for show times and specials!

Some Christmas Leftovers

Christmas: Santa & Reindeer, Gingerbread Man with his Gingerbread House Coloring Pages

These were not created for coloring book pages, but are in fact puppets I made for a short animation a few years back. Just thought I’d re-purpose them here.

To download this pages right-click and save to your computer. Page thumbnails link to full-sized images.