Fun Pastafarian-friendly ways to Worship FSM, for adults, children, and even mid-level managers

Flying Spaghetti Monster Coloring and Activity Book

Decided to try my hand at making Flying Spaghetti Monster-themed Coloring Book Pages — here’s the results.

Raising a family in the faith is difficult in this world in which we find ourselves. Children wearing an innocent eye-patch, shoulder-parrot, or have elective surgery for a prosthetic peg-leg are routinely singled out for ridicule by our secularist school system.

Much needed Pastafarian-friendly resources for children are particularly scarce, and it pleases not Flying Spaghetti Monster. That’s why we’ve started the Flickr Flying Spaghetti Monster Pool, as a place where the faithful can share images. My most recent work has been the creation of a Flying Spaghetti Monster Activity and Coloring book for children (links to large images below).

I encourage you to check out the flickr pool to suggest titles and/or morals to accompany these coloring book pages as well perusing the other cool art and photos being posted by other Pastafarians. (Links below are to large versions of the color book pages) And, of course, may you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Download the Coloring Book Pages

Download large GIF images or Adobe PDF/Acrobat versions. If you experience problems here’s help downloading Acrobat documents.

FSM coloring book page 1
GIF Image

Adobe PDF (81 KB)

FSM coloring book page 2
GIF Image

Adobe PDF (94 KB)

FSM coloring book page 3
GIF Image

Adobe PDF (157 KB)

FSM coloring book page 4
He Boiled
For Our Sins

Adobe PDF (101 KB)

FSM coloring book page 5
Pastaman Revolution: Bob Marley

Adobe PDF (138 KB)

GIF Images are 1,294 x 1000 px, perfect for refurbished Pirate monitors!

No, I won’t explain the caged marmot, pray on it for a while.

At right, the special collector’s cover for the coloring book: available only at Burning Man last week. George and Sara took a stack out to playa, along with a bucket of crayons.

I, will, however, apologize for what is certainly among the worst Bob Marley caricatures / cartoon parodies ever. This, sadly, is my horribly failed attempt. I rushed. I got lazy… I’m so sorry. Somehow thought I’d cleanup it up quickly in Illustrator… yikes. Didn’t happen. That thumbnail? Looks like O.J.

More about FSM and Pirates at

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About the Sketches

You know how less is more? Well, had a tough time recognizing that point while doing ” Noah’s Ark” page. Some choices were easy, however. So many critters and such that it was easy to remove the rainbow (besides, a unicorn AND a rainbow in the same sketch? how gay is that? exactly). Tried to be less on the nose with the copy, too. For example, the following tagline is too much more:

“…and, lo, after 40 days and 40 nights of dinosaur dung and a certain horned quadruped’s whining ‘are we there yet?’ — Flying Spaghetti Monster did change his mind a bit”

See, way too much of that. Anyway, keep sending your ideas for any of these images as well as suggestions for future pages.

My goal was to capture the quick, weird images we got in Vacation Bible School arts and crafts activities (yes, in Kansas): part cartoon, part a manic “hey, this is fun, kids” plea (we knew better — it wasn’t), and a last minute dose of macabre arm-twisting, as in, “sure, it’s all fun and cartoon art today, but tomorrow, we’re toasting your brother!”.

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